Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Unpredictable Life!

I woke up this morning,deciding I wont fret,
But am left with nothing else to do,by the time the sun has set.
And no more does my heart,skip and smile with glee,
I couldn't have been more relieved that the day is behind me.

Projecting a reassuring self on the outside,
Only I feel the storm and the swelling tide.
I wish I could mask myself forever,
Too many bruises and scars to cover.

Reality was beautiful,now its a harsh place,
I'm clinging onto life,wearing a disguise on my face.

A cruel lesson then,that life still had to teach,
Was taught when I was so close to something I had to reach.
I almost had it secured,when it started slipping away,
Slowly the trip to the end began,far from the light of day.

Life is fickle..and life is but a ride,
Today you are complete,tomorrow nothings by your side.
My life,rather swiftly,has turned around on its head,
Just yesterday I was filled with life,today I'm almost dead.

Not so long ago,my spirit was free,
Now its chained,and I've lost the key.
Here things happen quickly,you'll soon lose track,
I wish those days of yesteryear,I could get back.

This happens to be the story of my life,
Keep looking for bliss,all I find is strife.
What I'm living for,I cant live without,
Beneath the peace is fear,one that instills doubt.

Back to those memories,you will have to go,
'Coz life will play a different tune,before you even know.
To rebuild what you've lost,will take a few good years,
I just wish I dont live enough to meet my deepest FEARS!


Arjun said...

beauty....the poem a smooth flow of thoughts....as smooth as the run of an on-driven ball from the bat of sachin......jus amazin....describes ur current situation so beautifully or probably ur life as a whole!!!

nids!!! said...

one poem that moved me tears before it was done! one poem that left me with the feeling thats lifes a jerk... one poem that made me feel... well u know the rest!! in the beginning... parth jhala was not very expressive... damn u! ur better than most ppl now!!! that poem shows more than u wanted to i guess!! :P! i loved it!! quite frankly ur best piece... i never thought u could top phoenix laments... cricket being closest to ur heart... well i was bloody wrong!! u beat it all right!! ummmaah!! keep writing ones like these!!! not so depressing i hope!

papu said...

dude i must say...i love da last lines of ur poems!!u end dem sexily!!hehe...!!n ya...life is unpredictable...n even i secretly wish my life'll end before i'll hafta face my deepest fears!!some way i relate to dis one a lot!!!n man ur writin skills...hats off!!i dunno if u write all dis as effortlessly as it seems or u really work on dem...but da final product is wonderful!!da way it flows is beautiful...n it ends before u even realise!!:D gr8 work again!!