Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sailing Away!

As the shallow sea waves gently wash my feet,
I watch the ships sail away,in a moment so fleet.
So close yet drifting away,a difference so discreet,
I call out to the deaf,and hollowness I greet.

As they melt away into the horizon,
I stand rooted,though i want to run,
Should i have let go?Should i have held on?
I know they will return,but for now they are gone!

And a tumult of enigmatic emotion overrides me,
Once the mist clears,just where will they be?
Was i never an asset,only a liability?
I only sleep because in dreams i dont see reality.

Voices are bland,and faces abject,
Cant help but feel dislike and neglect.
Striving to stay afloat in this quagmire,
I pray what I say proves me a liar.

I gave all I had ,I cannot give more,
In search of shelter,I knock door to door.
But I know my darkest night i should fend alone,
This way maybe for my sins I can atone.

Counting my heartbeats,i dream past midnight,
Raindrops reckon as tears take flight.
And as I delve within to search for a reason,
I wish Autumn passes,bringing a change in season.

Everything I build, seems to be tumbling down,
Somewhere in this debris,my name is just a noun.
Yet again I rebuild, yet again I persist,
It might not mean much,but I havent ceased to exist.

Maybe I never was what they were looking for,
I tell myself this as i walk into oblivion,
The biggest battle and the greatest war,
Within it is fought and within it is won!

I remind myself things are far over over,
And hope that the ships return to the harbour.
I went about trying to make a difference,
And only gave myself in return this DISTANCE..!