Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sailing Away!

As the shallow sea waves gently wash my feet,
I watch the ships sail away,in a moment so fleet.
So close yet drifting away,a difference so discreet,
I call out to the deaf,and hollowness I greet.

As they melt away into the horizon,
I stand rooted,though i want to run,
Should i have let go?Should i have held on?
I know they will return,but for now they are gone!

And a tumult of enigmatic emotion overrides me,
Once the mist clears,just where will they be?
Was i never an asset,only a liability?
I only sleep because in dreams i dont see reality.

Voices are bland,and faces abject,
Cant help but feel dislike and neglect.
Striving to stay afloat in this quagmire,
I pray what I say proves me a liar.

I gave all I had ,I cannot give more,
In search of shelter,I knock door to door.
But I know my darkest night i should fend alone,
This way maybe for my sins I can atone.

Counting my heartbeats,i dream past midnight,
Raindrops reckon as tears take flight.
And as I delve within to search for a reason,
I wish Autumn passes,bringing a change in season.

Everything I build, seems to be tumbling down,
Somewhere in this debris,my name is just a noun.
Yet again I rebuild, yet again I persist,
It might not mean much,but I havent ceased to exist.

Maybe I never was what they were looking for,
I tell myself this as i walk into oblivion,
The biggest battle and the greatest war,
Within it is fought and within it is won!

I remind myself things are far over over,
And hope that the ships return to the harbour.
I went about trying to make a difference,
And only gave myself in return this DISTANCE..!


Arjun said...

such a saddistic beep u r....want all the members of my fan club to join urs re?!?! it twice n got most of it! one of ur best i shud say.....vocab,the way u put it,rote it long but made it short!one of ur most intense poems i must say.....the deeper u read....the tougher it gets 2 grip the meaning! at the same time....the deeper u dont read....tht much more tougher it gets! n only u can manage such a thing! i read this poem n i bow in frnt of u!

i envy just ur poems but not ur thoughts!

nids!!! said...

i told u... if i read ill cry! i cried!! hehe!! sexily written!! theres something about how u expressed ur views.. the touched chords i didnt know i had! :P! its deep! its hard to understand some parts... vocab is sexy! but the meaning is almost hidden! maybe like it actually is!!!

it expresses stuff i didnt know u wanted to say!! sexy poem! ummmaaah! keep writing!! but make them happier!!! try! please?!

papu said...

hm...!!its as sad as it is beautiful!!heard loads abt ur poems!!thought dey were exaggeratin...but after i read dis one...i realised dey actually said nothin!!u write really well parth!!dis one is soul stirrin!!it strikes u deep inside!!tho i understood it...i dint!!:Phehe...soundin funny but yes...dats how it is!!ders so much to dis one...i don thnk ill ever understand it completely!!sexy work...!!keep bloggin!!

shuuuu said...

:)... i can cry ... u r amazing .. oh my god i am all choked upp with a glisten in my eye.... i cant believe someone who plays leg touch with me .. can be sooo ...aaaaa u have attained nirvana my friend :)

janette said...
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janette said...

I relate to every single word. You said it all Parth.

Life's lessons are brutal, to say the least, but knowing someone out there in this big world has been taught the same a consolation that lets you face another day.

I guess when you put pen to paper, the brilliance shines bright for all to see:)