Friday, January 23, 2009

So Much More!

So much there is to learn,
if you properly look around,
a reel, a song, a sunrise,
a love waiting to be found.

So much there is to dream,
let your visions to the fore.
They are all what we have,
keep knocking on the door.

So much there is to know,
from the glory in which we bask,
from the vicious cycle of doom,
if yourself you are ready to ask.

So much there is to love,
If you can tell a broken heart,
a troubled mind, a sullen face,
If you know just where to start.

And much there is to give and smile,
and much also to share.
But your sights are set clearly ahead,
and the winding roads you bear.

And one day when the race is over,
and you play it over in your mind,
you think of all the riches and fame,
and all those you left behind.

And all life's little lessons,
that it everyday seemed to teach,
you ran too fast,passing them all,
only knowing where you had to reach.

You wish you ran a little slower,
to have properly looked around.
A reel, a song, a sunrise,
or the love you never found.