Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Phoenix Laments!

He's at the crossroads,not knowing where to turn,
whom to listen to,whose desires to burn.
Hes hoping for intervention,praying for a miracle,
if it doesnt come soon,he will have to take a sabbatical.

When people narrate his story,they do so with respect
he was the next big thing,as far as they could recollect.
What he could've been and what hes been made into,
some happenings..they wished they could undo.

Life's not fair,but life moves on..
now he's reduced to being just a pawn.
But he ain't no pushover,he's going to resist
he's got a strong will,hes going to persist.

Even after all this,the belief is strong,
he will live his dream and prove everyone wrong.
It's all or nothing,theres a lot at stake,
they say " let it go,youve got a future to make".

Its been long,ten summers in all,
little by little, he built up the wall.
But now its shaky,and there is a crack,
and it may be his last chance to make a comeback.

Comeback if he does,he'l earn himself time,
but his fate and destiny are never known to rhyme.
He'l keep bouncing back,he'l swim upstream,
he'l take on the odds to realise his dream.

Now hes resilient,and his teeth are grit,
but inside him...hes got a mutiny,
"no use fighting it,no use living it",
coz in the end,its all about...DESTINY!!!


nids!!! said...

this is your best!!! i love it!! i owe a lot to this poem... it made me understand what u were feeling or rather how u feel everytime ur out on the field!!! this poem is filled with you... everytime i read it.. i realise that crics not just a game!!! it means more.. and that is written all over this one!! i already told u... i love this! and the phoenix especially!!! ur thoughts.. ur love.. ur heart ache.. ur peace... ur bliss.. everything is seen oh soo clearly! ummmaaah!! you are an amzing poet!!! keep going hon!

stylo said...

now now !!!full resilient feeling aaaa........gr8 one re..... no words for it ...dis one i'll call sachin writin man.....

Arjun said...

brilliance personified.....u've penned down wat xactly a fighter feels all thru his life in the most appropriate manner ever.....its jus brilliant....its all tht i feel everyday....but u've done a gr8 job in bringin this out 2 the world....

p.s.i see competition thr[>:P]

nenita said...

good one down your feeling on paper i see...keep ging can do better!!!

papu said...

ive read dis b4...loved it den...i read it now...loved it even more!!:)now im tired of sayin how fabulously u write...n how classy ur vocab is!!after readin all dis...i must say..i got to knw u a lil betta dan i did!!n sure ull make it big one day!!u deserve to!!allwaz knew u were passionate abt cricket....dis jus helped me understand dat ur love 4 da game is beyond any measure!!all da best...neva give up!!i knw u wont!!a fighter dat u r!!>:D<

nids!!! said...

just have to say one thing.. everytime i read this.. i fall more in love with it and the way you write!

Mohul Bhowmick said...

Wow! This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, Parth bhaiya!! Tremendous stuff- feels so similar. :)