Sunday, January 14, 2007

Man In The Glass!

When you get what you want in your struggle for self
and the world makes you king for a day,
then go to the mirror and look at yourself
and see what that man has to say.

He is the fellow to please,never mind the rest,
for hes clear with you..upto the end.
And you've passed your most treacherous,difficult test
if the Man in the Glass is your friend.

When you try your best,and yet have a rough day
When luck betrays,and nothing comes your way.
Your mind and spirit will still be at truce,
If the Man in the Glass agrees and approves.

For it isn't a man's father,mother or wife
whose judgement upon him must pass,
the fellow whose verdict counts most in his life
is the Man staring back from the Glass.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
and get pats on your back as you pass,
but your final reward will be heartache and tears
if you've mislead the Man in the Glass!

It's time you learnt there are no shortcuts to success,
And if you really want to rise above the crowd,
Concoct blood sweat and tears,and nothing less
And make the Man in the Glass feel proud!!

What all you give it and how hard you try
matter more than whether you win,
coz to this one person,you cant even lie,
The Glass-man is your twin!

With a mind full of questions and a guilty heart,
You wonder why life,turned out to be a farce.
And then you realise it went wrong at the start..
When you cheated the Man in the GLASS!!


nids!!! said...

the man in the glass!!! ohew!! this ones a masterpiece!!!the ideas sexy!!! its written beautifully!!! theres something bout ur poems!! vocab tho rocks! :P! this poem had soo much depth... so much meaning!! and its something 99.99% of the people relate to! i love this one yet again!! i dont think ill reach a stage of not likin one of ur work of arts! ummmaaah!! keep writing!!!

stylo said...

mama u've also got a writer i u ur really gr8 allrounder....william tendulkar might be da poems gr8 dude ...and eng oh my god plz teach me re ....[:p].....rock on dude ....

Arjun said...

beautiful......absolutely amazin.....i read it a million times not 2 see how beautiful it is but 2 find flaws.....dint find 1 seems like the smoothest of thought flows n ended up2 b absolutely flawless....i bet u've pleased the man in the glass withthis poem!!!!

Pranit said...

awesome!!..its spell binding!! is the best poem i have read written by someone who i know!!..its mind blowing!!..amazing idea..from where do you manage to get such ideas[:p]!!..and like nids said its something to which nearly everyone can relate to!!..and your vocabulary is you sit and read a dictionary everyday??[:p]..great poem parth!!..keep writing..and give arjun tough competition!![:p]

nenita said...

wohoo!!!...i have no words to describe this one...the vocab, the matter and most of all the you are really good at this stuff...i think you should become an all time poet!:p...that is along with being a cricketer...i think its the best one you have ever written..and as the rest does connect to people's lives...i think i should be grateful to you for teching us something like this...would never have pondered over it if not!!!you rock at this man!!:d..and obv..and your bowling style:P!!!...keep writing!!!

dilip said...

man i never thought our parth could write so well . the poem especially the one the man in glass is like being true to u r self parth if in future i become a publisher i will definitely come to u to write some poems as introduction to my autobiography lol great use of english and great sense

dilip said...

the only way i can describe parths poems are they have made me interested in poetry which was my least fav topic . keep on posting poems parth.keep up with the good work and may god bless u in poems and please write a line for me in one of u r poems ha please lol

kavya said...

hey parth! is hard to believe that a guy of my age has written it! has a very beautiful flow...God!u r really gud at this...perfect! The whole thing is true...but i bearly realised.....Amazing!...this is my fav blog on ur page...hope to hear more from u ...keep it going![:d]

papu said...

dis poem shows da maturity in u parth!!its a very thoughtful concept!!n very well put!!dis one's da simplest of da lot...yet teaches u more dan da rest!!man in da glass!!...i love dis one!!ive alwaz believed in him!!...but neva thought of writin nythin like dis!!u did...n did it well!!n yup like everyone said...every person who reads it will realte to it in some way or the other!!some might read it n regret cheating da man in da glass...n some might be inspired or enlightened a better word!!dis one sure can be...n i think shud be published!!:)...

D!! said...

when i read this poem the first time i couldnt believe that i knew the person who had written it!!...

i still cant!!

its amazing!!!...:)

Anonymous said...

parth jhala ur so awsome and dis is such an inspiration u have no idea:D thanq and god bless!!