Thursday, April 21, 2011

Black, White and Gray.

Standing in the field, under the merciless sun,
from the far right, I see them come as one.
Dressed in black silk, masked and armed,
straddled on mighty elephants, the enemies of calm.

Then I see before me, and a little behind.
I hear their voices and I see them in my mind.
The eyes of the faceless, making their plea,
the limbs of the bound, waiting to flee.

Then far ahead in the distance, I see specks of white,
mixed with all that gray,that fails to see the light.

As the call gets louder and the moment beckons,
the whites are too less and spread too wide.
The elephants keep marching, as their rank swells,
as the ground trembles with each oncoming stride.

As the dark flags flutter high above their ranks,
they march on ahead with their misplaced pride.
Fuelled by power and blinded by greed,
plucking the fruit born of another's seed.

The mothers are wailing, holding their babies,
as the fathers find a place for them to lay.
The children pick up fallen pieces of white,
and make them shed their garb of gray.

If the enemy must stand conquered, now and forever,
banish the thought if the thought is to run,
for it will take more than a crusader or two,
if all that is black is to be UNDONE!


Srinidhi said...

Writing is an art like everything else. You do it so exceptionally well. I think you were born to do it.

But cricket stops me from making such sweeping statements.

However, this poem, like many of your others, is multi-layered and difficult to understand the depth instantly.
I like. No wait, I love.
Keep writing.
If i have to wait another year for your next poem, il kill you. Mercilessly.

Aakriti Anand said...

Oh my Goodness! if this is what has taken so long for you to publish, i'd wait an eternity more! its amazing! and love the last verse the most, because it strikes at you with a powerful air! love it, love it and then some more love!

dreampainter said...

wars are indeed results of brainwashed pride where the innocent always pays..u ve adeptly woven it together..
beautiful piece..!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am very impressed, you write very well. The choice of words, the message you put across, and the depth of your words are really brilliant! The last verse especially just seems to linger on in the mind. Very powerful piece!

Arjun said...

A tapestry of love and hate..
woven together.. loosely bound
In that peaceful dreamed of world..
often lost and found..!!