Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and Beyond!

As his languid gait took him along
through a familiar street in town,
he braced himself for what lay ahead,
yet couldnt help his frown.

The women, staring from windows and doorsteps,
curiosity their common trait,
some withdrew, while some sympathized,
and the men looked inanimate.

And so as he walked past them,
reminded of a different time,
those looks of silent understanding,
had put his thoughts on rewind.

He was not much older than twenty one,
when its hard for a man to stay true,
his eyes only went as far as hers,
those crystallised orbs of blue.

Soon both were blind enough to see the stars,
in the cloudy moonless sky,
weaving and stitching their paths together,
two truths for every lie.

Then one day, there was a call from the city,
for the young man, now deep in love.
And so he went, unknowingly,
that the Fates had this planned from above.

Back in the town, she felt the days grow long,
the week became a month, then two.
She must have been passing by the farms,
when she met his friend she always knew.

He let his mind dwell on thoughts of her,
as he made the long walk back.
Once in the village, he asked where she was,
and was told to take the farmers track.

His heart beat wildly against his chest,
as he made his way to the farms.
The world seemed to stop, as he watched
her gently swaying in his arms.

And the wild beating of his heart now stopped,
it was almost as if it knew,
that she would see no stars on a moonlit night,
through those crystal orbs of blue.

And tonight,before he stumbled on rewind,
their wedlock he had witnessed.
The marriage was for society,
their story was always blessed.

So on that fateful walk through town,
he found wisdom to match his age.
That theres a movie in each great love story,
and beyond the protagonists on screen,
there are the ones that write backstage,
but to the world shall be always UNSEEN.


Srinidhi said...

It is mindblowingly stunning.. the flow, the words and the way you build the feeling!! Im so taken aback by the beauty of this poem! :) I have always always known you were a stupendous writer... now you have OUTDONE yourself!! :)
This has such depth its beautiful! :) you have done what you do with your poems.. you leave the reader speechless.
Superb job! Lovely storytelling. :)
Bravo mister!!
Never stop writing. :)
P.s Jana says "You have a new fan."

Parth Jhala said...

thanks nids!! very generous with the compliments...as always! glad i did not make a fool of myself in front of a pro writer! :) i wasnt sure about the story in a poem but i always wanted to give it a try!
p:s thanks a lot jana..glad u liked it! :)

Aakriti Anand said...

oh.my.god. this is sooo amazing and moving at the same time! it forces you to think and forces you to be as close to tears as possible! i love the description of her eyes and its just really really profound as to how you could spill those emotions into print. loved it loved it loved it all the way! =) =)

Jonathan said...

DUDE ...
WOW ...
That post gave me goosebumps ...
love it bro ...
Brilliant talent thou haveth :) ..
like nids said, you built the feelin very well ..
:) ...
keep postin ! ..

Parth Jhala said...

Aakriti- im humbled by your presence on my blog..and even more so by that comment!! the eyes description happened quickest..thanks again!

Jon-LOL..thanks bro!! its great to have you comment and approve! just saw the note on fb...you belong to the world of advertising or marketing! :P

Foram Tambawala said...

Aah!! It is so moving...i almost cried! Went through your other masterpieces also..Are you sure you chose the right profession??! ;)

Parth Jhala said...

Tambaa!! :P sorry..old habits die hard!! so...foram!! what a brilliant surprise! im so glad u took the time to read them all :) hehe...i hope i did..and besides i cant write to make a living..its a real tough job and too creatively demanding for me! :)

Praneeta said...

I read it twice... and I cried!
It was sooo... beautiful!!
I love the way you write!!
Never fails to amaze me!


arjun said...

very well written...amazing vocab....you've used it brilliantly to your strength....woven beatifully into a tapestry of love and beyond

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful piece, and I really like the way you tell a story in your poem. Wonderful job! You should seriously write more often :)