Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Day Has Come.

A New Day Has Come.

You wake up, grumbling softly, climbing out of bed, 
Too early, you realise, the night is far from dead.

You look out your window, linger there awhile,
as your thoughts wander, into an infinite space.
The colorless night, slowly drifting away,
as you begin to revisit, a familiar place.

Your spirit unwilling, and heart too heavy,
as the troubles of yesterday you remember.
Even as the first rays of light, the chirping of birds,
and morning glory you discover.

Unraveling before you, in nature's grand theatre,
are tufts of clouds flirting with the rising sun.
Drops of dew parading as shiny crystals,
and the golden mist that drapes the mountains.

You walk into this stage, slightly humbled,
taken in by the beauty of beginnings,
the cold morning air rushing through your veins,
your senses awakened and spirit now soaring.

And it takes just a moment for you to see,
to leave behind the pain and the travesty,
mistakes are for all, glory is for some,
rejoice for now! A new day has come.

Picture courtesy : Yours Truly.


Srinidhi said...

This is warm, positive and a refreshing read. :)

You never lose touch. I am getting tired of telling you to update more often. Listen to me? Thanks.

I like the mood of the photograph and the poem. Cannot believe you managed to match the two so well. :)

Parth Jhala said...

Thanks Nidhi!!
I am going to strive to wirte more often..I know I have said before. But this time I hope I manage to do it!! :)

I was thinking on the lines of this poem when I was shooting that morning, so this probably came naturally! :)

deevena said...

"tufts of clouds flirting with the rising sun."
"and the golden mist that drapes the mountains."
Beautiful lines! :)
"mistakes are for all, glory is for some" Inspired!!

And totally Jealous!!

Aakriti Anand said...

Totally agree with Srinidhi. please update the blog a little more and do us all a favour??!!

And as fast as the piece is concerned, mind = blown.
Its as refreshing as walking in wet grass and as soothing as the feel of satin to the skin. It has a meditative quality to it and suddenly everything seems beautiful.

So, for bringing back a sensory experience i seemed to be lacking, thank you.

Arjun said...

Its a beautifully written poem. Not trying to do too much with it and letting the reader relate it to the picture!! I think its worked well!!
I miss reading your poems!!